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Carman Lite+

Carman Lite+


Powerful Comeback of Carman Legend High Cost-Effective Diagnostics for Professionals




  • Fast
  • Reliabilty
  • Easy
  • Smart
  • Fast
    > Coretex AB 1GHz/Coretex M3 120MHz
    > Optimized Software Size for Fast Update
  • Easy
    > Optimized User-Friendly Menu
    > Recent System for Frequent Funtions
  • Reliablity
    > Perfect Compatibility with Carman Family
    > Exceptional OE-Level Coverage
    : Aisan, Euroean, USA and Various Local Markets.
  • Easy
    > Quick Searching
    > Screen Capture and Memo
    > Flight Record
    > ECU Coding and Programming
    > Real-Time Livedata Text Capture
    > Log-On Data Transfer for Quick Feedback
    > Vehicle Maintenance Information
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